Adovo team
President: Lennart Olavi Josson
Managing Director:  Helen Lau
Intro: Almost 15 years multi-type of business management experience, familiar with China & Scandinavia modern enterprise management culture, broad vision, good at organization /operation of SME, has unique experience in customer, supplier and team management. Value respect, mutual benefit, win-win business philosophy.


Ann Lin (Sourcing / Canton)
Intro: A nice girl who majored in English language. She has been engaged in foreign trading business for almost 10 years, and good at sourcing and merchandising. Have experience in dealing with suppliers and contacting with customers. With rich product knowledge, and well up in English speaking, Mandarin and Cantonese.
John Weng (Sourcing / NingBo)
Intro: An enterprising guy who holds bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and associate degree in ICM,  9 years working experience in semiconductor,  machinery and export & import . With rich expertise in purchasing , sourcing  management.
Josh Zhang (Sourcing / NingBo)
Intro: A extroverted  guy who has the Master degree in electronic material and component,  with over 4 years suourcing / technical support experience in consumer goods, strong ability in organization and bilingualism.
Selena Ren (Quality / Canton)
Intro: An independent girl who has concentrated in quality control for consumer goods for over 9 years, know all kinds of international standards and systems in quality very well,  rich site inspection experience and expertise on product.
You You (Logistic / Canton)
Intro: A self-motivated girl who has strong interpersonal skills, she has over 10 years logistic experience on PMC of factory, fully understand the logistic process of a export-oriented factory. With broad logistic network and organized personality, the cost-effective solution will be guaranteed.

 Coming... Mr.Staffan loftgen (Finance)
Intro: Have many years experience in accountant & financial service and business consulting at Sweden, Hongkong and China, fimiliar with the accounting and financial laws between China and Europe business.
   Ms.Sainan Liu  (Finance)                                                                                                                                                  Intro: Graduated from Xiangtan University in 2000, Finacial Management Major. The girl already has 11 years experience of working on accountant and financial management for several companies/factories, and good at using Kingdee and UFSOFT etc. financial software. Possesses the Certificate in Management Accounting and primary professional accounting qualifications. Familiar with company's accounts work, tax wrok, invoice issue, payment arrangement and calculating cost etc. Responsible for imporve the financial rules for company and do all licenses annual audit etc.
 Coming Mr. John Zhang (Technical-Material)
Intro: Ph.D . Main Research Directions includes Microelectronic materials processing and packaging, Photocatalytic and Photoelectrocatalytic, Preparation and Characterization of thin films, intermetallic welding, inter-metal and ceramic welding, won two silver medals by Bravo in the R & D of heat transfer materials.
 Coming Mr. Ye (Technical-Machinery)
Intro: Ph.D . Main Research Directions includes Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems, Process SmartInspect, Machine Vision.


Mr. Lai (Technical-Machinery)
Intro: Ph.D . Main research directions includes Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems, Mechanical & Electrical Integration, Industrial Automation, Application of the Computational Intelligence, CNC system.

 Coming Mr. Yeung (Technical-Micro-electronic)

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